Immowi - We Generate Leads For Real Estate

Looking for potential buyers of your real estate projects?

We generate high-quality real estate leads through artificial intelligence!
Online marketing campaigns with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Immowi, your partner in new level lead generation


Our innovative approach is unique in Europe and a must-have for everyone active in the real estate sector.


Immowi generates potential real estate clients through a proprietary AI technology that, for you, leads to lower costs and higher revenues.

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Our algorithm searches, finds and matches your target group on these channels where he/she is most prominent.


Immowi specialises in generating leads for new buildings and investment properties all over the world.


We link your project to our channels, taking into account your target group. The right targeting will ensure maximum conversion.


The Immowi network reaches more than half a million investors every month through our various channels.

We generate more traffic and revenue exclusively for you!

Immowi shows the way to those who want to move forward.

Reaching the right target group, on the right channel and with the right message. This is only possible by entering into a dialogue with partners and customers. Open communication and feedback are the key to our success.

Analyze the growth and sales within your company

The MyImmowi platform is the most suitable tool for this.